Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

Although presumed to be used as PHP development tool (and offering some special PHP features), Davor's PHP Constructor can be used to work on any other language based project since editing features are not limited to PHP only. You can use it to develop any kind of web sites requiring scripts, or build clean HTML pages, still using benefits of project management, syntax highlighting etc.

Unlike Davor's PHP Editor, which is convenient for small single-project works and can be used free of charge, this program is shareware. If you want to use it after you try it, you must buy it and register.

Please also read the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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Although each version of Davor's PHP Constructor is extensively tested before distribution, the author can not take responsibility for any local damages or data losses which may accidentaly appear on user's computer/filesystem for unknown reasons during this program's usage.

Davor's PHP Constructor was written in Borland's Delphi with some additional commercial and freeware (OpenSource) components and relies on many (Windows) system functions and modules like Internet Explorer API. Therefore, any such system module that is (unfortunately) beyond single programmer's control can cause errors which can bring the system down and damage user data. Although it has never happened to me (and I have never received any user complaints about such cases), please don't blame me if exactly you become the "lucky" one.