Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

Internal Web Browser

Internal Web Browser can be used to preview edited scripts, as well as for any other purpose. Like with editor windows, you can have as many opened internal browser windows as you like. Each browser can display independent pages, regardles if those are local files or URLs.

If "Site/Page Viewer" option in System Options is set to "Internal", every script or whole project will be previewed in this browser on request. By default, internal browser will be used.

Internal web browser is based on Internet Explorer engine and will behave depending on IE version installed on the computer. Like any other standard browser, it allows selecting URL address and basic navigation, stop and refresh actions.

If you select "Tools/Web Browser (Internal)" command from main window menu, empty browser will be created. You can then enter any URL or file name/location to browse. If you press Ctrl+F9 while in editor, edited script will be viewed in internal browser (if set as default previewer - see above). The same is valid for previewing entire active project (pressing F9). For more information on previewing files and projects, see Previewing Single Files and Running Projects.

Even if your default file/project viewer is set to external browser, you can still use internal browser to view files/sites when you like.