Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

General Description

Davor's PHP Constructor is a Windows Web-Development IDE ([I]ntegrated [D]evelopment [E]nvironment) which allows you to edit, manage and deploy files and projects (groups of files). It is fast, compact and flexible, with support for multiple editor windows. It allows editing files, grouping them into projects and preview (run) them either in internal or external web browser, in sense of a project or a single file.

Although presumed to be used as PHP development tool (and offering some special PHP features), Davor's PHP Constructor can be used to work on any other language based project since editing features are not limited to PHP only. You can use it to develop any kind of web sites requiring scripts, or build clean HTML pages, still using benefits of project management, syntax highlighting etc.

Unlike Davor's PHP Editor, which is convenient for small single-project works and can be used free of charge, this program offers much more editing and management capabilities. Main features are:

IDE desktop condition can be saved after exiting the program, so that all active files will be reopened when program starts next time and windows will keep present positions. This option (default) can be turned off by unsetting the mark in System Options.

IDE's editor is a quick syntax-highlighting editor which also supports such actions as code-completion and completion-proposal and can be configured to match any scripting language.

Project Manager, tightly integrated within IDE and invisible for those who don't need it, is capable of handling many projects at the same time. Project switching is fast and easy - just change active project using Active Project combo box, or double clicking it in Project Manager. Add files to projects dragging it to project in Project Manager.

To see how your file or entire project works, invoke Internal Browser or any of available browsers (you can select external browser in System Options) with a single key press, or choose Preview/Run commands in main IDE window. You can easily configure your project and files to be previewed through URL or as a single file.

If you are developing PHP projects, you have additional functionalities like Syntax Checking, Script Interpretation or Debugging accessible within IDE.