Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

Setting System Options

Changes to System Options become valid as soon as you close the dialogue pressing "OK" button. Press Cancel button to avoid unwanted changes to system options.

System Options are divided in following sections:
General - Editor - PHP Special - PHP/HTML Syntax Coloring - Code Templates - User Information


  • Project Handling
  • Site/Page viewer

  • Editor

    You can set fonts, colors and other advanced editor options on this page, and yet set another three Special Editor Functions: Keyword and Function lists used for completion proposal and function paremater hints are stored inside two .DAT files, "phpkw.dat" and "phpfu.dat". Structures for code completion are stored inside "phpac.dat" file. These files can be edited to suite everyone's needs.

    PHP Special

    PHP/HTML Syntax Coloring

    Use options on this page to set color attributes for PHP/HTML/JavaScript Syntax coloring. These attributes are used for HTML and PHP file types and Code Editor will try to colorize all possible recognized segments using specified attributes.
    To allow correct highlighting in mixed files (e.q. mixed HTML, PHP and JavaScript code), please always surround all code segments with appropriate markers (like HTML and PHP start/end markers).

    Code Templates

    You can define unlimited number of Code Templates (code lines) which you can pick from a pull-down menu on editor's toolbar, or from a popup-menu pressing Alt+C while editing code. Selected template is inserted at current cursor position.

    In upper list, define description (appears in selection list) and unique name for your templates. For active template, write the code in editor box below. You can enter code of any length. The code can consist of simple sequences such as some html tags, or whole functions or whatever you desire to insert quickly without typing.

    User Information

    When you register your copy of Davor's PHP Constructor, you must enter valid user information on this page. Only correct combinations of owner's name and e-mail, serial number and control code will be accepted when you press "OK" button. Entering valid registration information activates all functions of IDE otherwise disabled in demo versions.