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Project Files Window

A Project can contain one or more files. Beside general project properties (see Creating Projects for more details on setting project properties), you can have special properties set for each file in project.

To access files in active project in a special window, with a possibility to edit properties for each asigned file, you can open "Project Files" window either by selecting "Active Project Files" from the main menu or clicking appropriate buttons on main window or Project Manager toolbar.

"Project Files" window displays all attached files in a list, which can be sorted either by file name or complete file name with path, in case that you have multiple files with same name but different location.

For each single file in project, beside file name and path, you can set: All these information are optional and stored in project file.

You can double click specific file to edit it in active editor window.

To directly access specific file properties, you can also select appropriate menu item from a popup menu which appears when you right-click a file in Project Manager. Project Files Window appears with requested file selected.