Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

Main IDE Window

Davor's PHP Constructor is a program which supports opening multiple editing windows and few special windows. Windows can be moved around, resized and shaped as necessary, while desktop layout can be saved after application close (see System Options).

Main IDE Window is (by default) a small window containing main menu, toolbar (if visible) and combo box for switching projects. This window can at any time be brought to front using F11 key and is start position to interact with all other active windows. It's intention during development was to remain small and save desktop space for more important editor windows. Closing main window will exit the IDE.

Following is the list of main menu commands and actions. Most of actions from main menu can be accessed through pop-up menus or with appropriate toolbar buttons. Use short links below to quickly acces desired main menu section.

Quick Access: File - Edit - View - Run - Tools - Window - Help

"File" Menu
New Creates new file and opens it in active editor window. Depending on chosen file type, program generates default file name and extension and eventualy inserts several default lines of code.
Open This command will bring "Open File" dialogue and open the file you select. The file will open in active editor window, and if it is already opened in some of editor windows, you will be asked if you want the file to be opened once again.
A file can also be opened if dragged from any source to one of active editor windows.
For some unrecognized file extensions, editor will warn you that file format could be not supported by editor. You can ignore that message if you know that file is OK to edit in Davor's PHP Constructor.
If you have active projects, you can open attached files from Project Manager, Project Files Window (View/Active Project Files in menu) or using "Files in Project" toolbar button. If a file is already opened in some of editor windows, that window and appropriate tab will be brought to the front.
Reopen Use this command to open some of recently opened files or projects. Any file or project that has recently been opened will appear in the list when you click this menu item (projects in upper part, files in lower part). Display is however limited to 10 projects and 10 files. Recently opened projects and files can also be reopened with buttons on main window's toolbar.
Close Closes ative editor file and removes it from editor's tabs. If that was the only file opened, the editor window will close. Before closing changed file, you will be asked if you would like to save changes.
Save Saves changed file. If the file is new and has not yet been saved, "Save File" dialogue will appear.
To save file in other location or with other name, use "Save As" menu command.
After saving, the file becomes "unchanged" for the IDE. You will be asked whether to save all changed files before program closes.
Save As Use this command to save file under different name and in different location. "Save File As" dialogue will appear.
Format Choose file format. Possible file formats are WINDOWS (having CR+LF - ASCII 13+10 at the end of each line) and UNIX (having only LF - ASCII=10 - at the end of each line).
The Editor automatically recognizes file format when you open it. However, you can specify or change file format for new or opened files. When you save the file, chosen format will be retained.
Default file format is "Windows".
New Project Creates a new project.
"Project Properties" window will appear. See Creating Projects for detailed information about creating projects.
Open Project Opens existing projects. Just opened project becomes active project.
Default extension for Davor's PHP Constructor's project files is ".PRJ". However, you can use alternate extensions. Opening a project only adds the project to active projects list and to the project manager. See Project Manager for details on quick accessing files that are part of projects.
Save Project Saves active project properties, file list and other project settings. "Save Project" dialogue appears. All data will be written to a project file. Projects, like files, can have "new", "changed" (modified) or "unchanged" status.
Save Project As Saves active project under different name and/or at different location. "Save Project As" dialogue will be shown.
Close Project Closes active project and other project (if any else opened) becomes active project. You will be asked whether you want to save changes if project has been modified.
Closing project does not close project files which are opened in editor windows.
Close All This command closes all loaded projects and files. Editor windows will be closed and list of loaded projects cleared. You will be asked to save changed files and projects.
Project Properties Brings up "Project Properties" window and allows you to change settings of the active project.
Add File To Project Pops "Add Files(s) to Project..." dialogue and adds the file you select to the active project. You can select more than one file to add to projects simultaneously.
If a file you wish to add to active project is opened in editor window, right click it's tab and select equal command.
For other methods of adding files to projects, see Project Manager.
Remove File From Project Select this command to remove the file in editor from active project.
For other methods of removing files from projects, see also Project Manager.
Save All Forces all changed files and projects to be saved. For files and/or projects that were not saved before, "Save" dialogues will appear to let you specify file names and locations.
Print Prints current file in the editor. Printing options dialogue will appear. You can choose between color and b/w printing, set margins etc. You can also print only selected part of the file.
Exit This command closes all files and projects and exits the program.
Before exiting, if you have changed and unsaved files, "Save Changed Files" dialogue will appear. In that window, check files you want to save and uncheck those you do not want to save. By default, all changed files are checked. You can also check/uncheck all using right buttons.
Press "OK" button to save checked files and close the program. If you press cancel, program will not exit.
If any of files to be saved has not been saved before, "Save" dialogues will pop up to let you specify file names and locations. Such procedure was implemented, instead of asking "Save?" for each changed file, because it simplifies decisions what files to save when you want to leave the IDE.
"Edit" Menu
Undo Undoes last change(s) in edited file. You can also undo operations after the file has been saved, but not after it has been closed or you exit the program.
Redo Redoes last undone change(s). See "Undo".
Cut/Copy/Paste Standard cut/copy/paste operations over active edited file.
Select All Selects all text of the active file in the editor.
Search Invokes "Search" dialogue. To search more than once, press F3 key repeatedly.
Search As You Type Input box at the bottom of the editor window will appear, allowing you to directly input search text. While you type, program will simultaneously search through text changing cursor position. When you reach what you have been searching for, press ESC or ENTER key to stop the operation, or simply click out of search box. To search for more occurences of typed search text, simply press F3 as needed.
Replace Opens "Search and Replace" dialogue. To search/replace more than once, press F3 key repeatedly.
Go to Line Number Shows input box where you can input line number to locate the exact line of code.
"View" Menu
Editor Toolbar Determines if editor window toolbar is visible or not. If you prefer using pop-up menus rather than toolbar buttons, hiding editor toolbar you can save some space for editing files.
Project Manager Brings up Project Manager window.
Active Project Files Invokes Project Files window.
Project Explorer Brings up Code Explorer in project explore mode - in this case named "Project Explorer".
New Edit Window Opens new edit window. You can have as many edit windows as you want, the only limit is available memory. You could, for example, have separate edit windows for each project to better organize and simplify finding of active files. Windows get marks "ew0-nnn". Number of files opened in every editor window is also unlimited.
Perfect Desktop Layout This command rearanges active windows (main, editor and - if visible - Project Manager) in default IDE style. Use it when you switch resolutions or want to quickly rearange windows in some logical way instead of dragging and resizing them manually.
"Run" Menu
Run Project This command runs active project in internal or external browser. For detailed information on running projects, see Running Projects.
Preview Current File Previews current file in editor ininternal or external Web Browser. See Previewing Single Files for more information.
Interpret Location of PHP interpreter (php.exe) must be properly specified in System Options dialogue.
This command will execute PHP interpretet and pass your current script to it. Raw results will be displayed in separate window with interpreted page source and browsing layout of the result. Convenient for quick debugging with generated HTML preview. Any file that can be processed with php.exe can be interpreted this way.
For more information see Script Interpretation.
Check Syntax PHP scripts only. Does syntax check on current file. Like for script interpretation, Location of PHP interpreter (php.exe) must be properly specified in System Options dialogue.
Syntax checking results will be displayed in "Messages" panel of current editor window.
"Tools" Menu
Page Editor Activates Page Editor (WYSIWYG HTML Editor), module for visual editing of HTML pages.
Web Browser (Internal) Creates new Internal Web Broser.
Search in Files Allows you to search for information in all files attached to all active projacts. For more informaton see Search in Project Files.
Deploy Project Files (FTP) Starts FTP Client module which allows you to upload your project files to a FTP server.
Options Allows you to set IDE Options.
"Window" Menu
Active Editor Window Brings last active editor window to front.
- All active IDE Windows are accessible under this menu.
All Windows Activates Window Manager to simplify access in case of bigger number of open windows.
"Help" Menu
Davor's PHP Constructor Help Opens program documentation.
About Davor's PHP Constructor Displays "About" box.