Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

Project Manager

Project Manager displays all currently loaded projects and their assigned files in a tree view. Unlike the main window menu commands, which corelate to currently active project only, in this window you can manipulate any loaded project and it's files. You do not need to switch to a specific project (activate it) to review or change it's properties, add or remove filesor close it. The bottom of the window displays information on project or file currently selected in a tree view.

Project node shows three information: Project Name, it's desktop number and physical project file name.
File node shows file name and full file name with path (in case there are files with same names but different locations assigned to the same project).

Press F12 key or select "View/Project Manager" from main window's menu to show Project Manager window or bring it to front (Project Manager is hidden by default).

If you right-click on a tree view, popup-menu appropriate for selected project or file will appear.

Using Project Manager you can open or close projects, add or remove files, edit project and file properties, run project explorer on selected project or start FTP client for it. You can also save selected project if it has been changed. You can also switch active project with upper combo box same way as via main window.

Double click project to activate it. Double click file name to edit file Code Editor.

To add files to a project, you can use appropriate buttons or popup-menu commands, or simply drag it from Windows Explorer or other file browser and drop it to desired project node.