Davor's PHP Constructor - User Documentation

FTP Client

FTP Client is a very simple program part that will attempt to connect to any FTP server you specify, try to check status of remote files and then to allow you to upload your local files. Please note that this is just a quick way to upload your scripts and, like Page Editor, can not replace more complex FTP clients. You can only upload files that are assigned to projects. On the other way, if all file target directories are set properly, you are just a click away from instant publishing of your whole project to a web server directly from the IDE. Synchronization works on currently active project.

More than one FTP Client window can be opened at a time (considering that you have more projects to synchronize) and synchronization can work in the background (if you switch to some other IDE window); however, depending on FTP server response time, IDE may function somewhat dizzy while synchronization is in progress in background.

You can specify FTP settings for each project separately. If you press "Save" button, connection parameters will be saved to your project file.

Before you can connect to your FTP server, you must enter following connection parameters: When you set necessary parameters, press "Connect" button. Program will try to connect and immediately after connection will compare versions and status of local and remote files. Different target files will be marked with red color and automatically selected for synchronization. All FTP messages are displayed in the bottom of the window.

After file comparison, you can select/deselct files for upload. Press upload button to start upload. Notice that there is no progress bar while uploading, so don't think that something is wrong if program appears to do nothing for a while - just be patient while a file uploads.

The synchronization can be stopped by pressing "Stop" button, but the response may be delayed if upload or communication with server is in progress. Again - be patient.

Press "Disconnect" button to close FTP connection. Connection closes automatically when you close FTP Client window or exit the IDE.