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  • September 25th, 2004
    Code Parameter Hints added to editor's existing features

    In addition to standard code completion proposal and autocomplete features, IDE editor now shows parameters of functions as hints during editing. This feature will activate automatically when you type function name followed by '(' or manually if you press Ctrl+Shift+Space.

    Editor will show code parameter hints for all built-in and other PHP functions properly defined in file phpfu.dat (as now with more than 1200 functions, this file is currently being updated and will be available for download in a few days), as well as custom functions defined in active script and all files named in "include" and "require" statements. If you do not need (or are not able) to include files in the script (eq. the file is already included in upper level script), you can add commented include statement to tell the editor where function definitions can be found. Example:
    // include "xyz.php"

    Do not forget to add extra space between comment (//) mark and "include" keyword! This will force the editor to search for function defintions in file "xyz" although it will not be actually included in the script. Such fake inclusion will also help with dynamic file names, like
    include $path."/somefile.php"; // include "./somefile.php"

    Thanks to added comment, the editor will know where to search for included file during edit session and read eventual function definitions from it.

  • August 27th, 2004
    Davor's PHP Constructor scored 4.5/5 in review in php|architect August 2004 issue!

    The Magazine for PHP Professionals "php|architect" published a review of Davor's PHP Constructor written by Mr. Peter MacIntyre. Despite critics based on the lack of (promised) debugger, final score for the IDE is set to 4.5 (of 5).

    Thank you, Peter and php|architect!